Better Ways

TL;DR: is a combination of software development wiki and blog with a strong focus on simplicity and clarity.

I started playing with programming languages when I was a kid in the early 90s. I've been doing that ever since.

I used many different programming languages and paradigms over the years, I worked in different types of software development companies, including my own company and projects, and freelancing. Also, I like Unix philosophy and have been using Linux as the main OS on my desktops and servers for a very long time.

I created this custom blog/wiki combination mostly as a way to express my thoughts on the complexity and fragility issues that are plaguing modern software and web development - and on possible solutions.

With all these overhyped technologies, built on top of layers on top of layers of failing abstractions, we are getting to the point where it's almost impossible to create something that will actually be reliable, and won't fall apart and become obsolete in less than a year or two.

The site is still in the relatively early stages, but it's getting better.

Also, I'm currently working on the Understanding Simplicity series, which is a full guide to an example project based on many of these principles.

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