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Javascript is a very clumsy, but also very popular programming language (due to the fact that it's the only language that's shipped inside the web browsers).

Most of that clumsiness comes from the fact that the original author (Brendan Eich) had to put Java-like syntax on what was originally supposed to be Scheme-based language and finish the first version in just 10 days (between May 6 and May 15, 1995).

While there were some improvements to the language over time, many of its main quirks and warts are still present today (mostly due to the importance of backward compatibility on the web).

If you're a developer, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to completely avoid JavaScript (no matter how hard you try), so it may be a good idea to learn it anyway.

This page will contain an index of JS-related pages. While each page is standalone, they are also interconnected into the bigger guide.


  1. Javascript: First Steps
  2. Javascript: Data Types
  3. Javascript: Variables and Scoping
  4. Javascript: Working with Numbers

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