Topic List

Note: The site is currently in a state of flux as I need to organize and merge the content from the previous site with the new content.

Guides (WIP):

  1. Haxe
  2. Javascript
  3. Javascript: First Steps
  4. Javascript: Data Types
  5. Javascript: Variables and Scoping
  6. Javascript: Working with Numbers
  7. Javascript: Async Race Conditions
  8. Functional Programming
  9. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Nim

General Wiki/Blog Topics:

  1. Anti-spam CSS honeypot
  2. Restoring file mtimes with git
  3. Functional core, imperative shell
  4. Pure functions
  5. Referential transparency
  6. Modern Web in Numbers
  7. Simple, Reliable & Correct, Fast
  8. Failing Abstractions
  9. Unix Philosophy
  10. Simple vs. Easy
  11. Resume Driven Development
  12. Cargo-cult Programming
  13. Complexity Worship
  14. Virtual DOM Overhead
  15. Implementing Your Own Lisp
  16. Locality of Behavior
  17. Programming Wisdom
  18. Linux: Working With Daemons
  19. Linux: Working With Archives
  20. Bootstrapping Linux Distributions
  21. Frameworks and Reinventing the Wheel
  22. Understanding Simplicity
  23. Consider hosting your own git repositories
  24. Javascript by Example: Palindrome Permutations (functional)
  25. Linux: Partitioning Disks
  26. Linux: Creating a compressed image of a disk
  27. Linux: Generating Random Passwords