I started playing with programming languages when I was a kid in the early 90s. I've been doing that ever since.

I used many different programming languages and paradigms over the years, I worked in different types of software development companies, including my own company and projects, and freelancing. Also, I like Unix philosophy and have been using Linux as the main OS on my desktops and servers for a very long time.

I created this custom blog/wiki combination mostly as a place where I can share my thoughts (without the usual limitations of the existing platforms/solutions), and things that can hopefully help others.

There are no ads, no analytics/tracking scripts, and everything is designed from the ground up to be as fast and clean as possible.

Donations are more than welcome, but the vast majority of content is public and accessible to everyone (some extras are available to supporters, like the ongoing Understanding Simplicity series). There are no tiers, all supporters get the same access.

I'm adding new content to the site pretty much on daily basis. You can subscribe if you're interested in getting periodic summaries of updates to your inbox.